Thursday, 29 October 2020

Citizen's Assembly Reaches Judgement


UK Citizen's Assembly

The first UK-wide citizens’ assembly on climate change has published its final report. The assembly was set up by the House of Commons and brought together 100+ people from all walks of life and of all shades of opinion to discuss how the UK should meet its target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050.

Find out more and see what they concluded here: 

Among their suggestions is a stopping the sale of the most polluting vehicles such as SUVs, with some support for an outright ban on SUVs. A conclusion that is all the more understandable given that ...

SUVs are 2nd Largest Cause of Global Rise in CO2 Emissions Over Past Decade

International Energy Agency researchers have found that SUVs are the second largest cause of the global rise in carbon dioxide emissions over the past decade, eclipsing all shipping, aviation, heavy industry and even trucks. Each year, SUVs belch out 700 megatonnes of CO2, about the entire output of the UK and Netherlands combined. There are now campaigns to at the very least ban SUV advertising as a first step to curbing these filthy monsters.

Full story in the Guardian: How SUVs conquered the world – at the expense of its climate

Killing Machines

It's not just the pollution and environmental destruction. In an accident, the high sides of SUVs tend to strike pedestrians and cyclists on the upper torso, meaning that they are more likely to go under the car and be crushed. A study in three Michigan cities found that one hundred percent of pedestrians in SUV collisions at speeds of 40 mph or greater died, versus 54 percent who were struck by cars. Children, being shorter, are especially menaced by these vehicles.

Ealing Council LTN Consultation

Ealing Council has rolled out an on-line consultation on its Low Traffic Neighbourhoods based on an interactive map. You can learn about the review and monitoring of the LTNs and make your comments on Ealing's trial low traffic neighbourhoods project on Commonplace by clicking 'View map and comment'.