Friday, 14 February 2020

Working with local schools

Ealing Friends of the Earth has been visiting local schools to give talks on environmental issues. Currently we have two talks designed for primary school children:

Plastic Waste (+ Re-Usable Bottles) 

This talk was designed for the earlier years (e.g. years 1-3) and to be fun, informative and not scary. It shows how we should avoid generating plastic waste because while natural materials break down in a compost heap, plastics do not. And it promotes the use of tap water in re-fillable water bottles (or from a water fountain) instead of buying water. It includes some short film clips showing a speeded up compost heap and how plastic gets carried into the sea.

The Environment and Air Pollution (+ walking or cycling to school)

The second talk is designed for slightly older children to introduce the concept of 'an environment' and then focus on the issue of air pollution. It makes use of views of Earth from space so that our atmosphere is seen as precious and finite, and something we need to care for just as astronauts care for air in the space station. One way children can help to reduce air pollution is to walk or cycle when possible, rather than travel by car.

This January we gave the plastics talk to two assembly groups covering
Years 1-3 at Little Ealing school, and we gave both talks at Hambrough Primary School in Southall - the plastics talk for the earlier years (Key Stage 1) and the air pollution talk for the older children (KS2).

The photos show Ealing Friends of the Earth volunteers Sheila and Donald speaking at the Hambrough assemblies, where they also stayed on to do some class workshops.